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Invisalign aligners

The Benefits of Getting Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is one of the newer treatments in the orthodontic industry. Is it really worth the hype though? For plenty of patients, Invisalign aligners have been the path to correcting their teeth without the hassle of something like braces permanently stuck in their mouths. Below are some great reasons to use Invisalign to realign your teeth.


Invisalign trays are clear. This allows the wearer to keep them on while they go about their day. This is all without worrying about the appearance of metal or wire attached to their teeth. The fact that it is difficult to see is one of Invisalign’s biggest selling points. If appearance is important to you, consider Invisalign.


Unlike traditional orthodontic attachments, Invisalign allows you to remove the aligners whenever you would like. They are recommended to be worn 22 hours a day for maximum movement of the teeth. However, the freedom of being able to remove them on your own is a great advantage. It’s a good idea to talk to your orthodontist about how long you should be wearing yours.


Since Invisalign is self-applicable, any adjustments for the comfort of needing to move a tooth will not require a visit for orthodontist services. Your orthodontist will need to be visited, but not as frequently. This is because you will be given the trays for a specific period of time, and will change them weekly.


Invisalign is easy to get on and off, and easier to clean. Remove your Invisalign when you eat and make sure to brush your teeth before putting them back into your mouth. When cleaning Invisalign, feel free to use toothpaste or a tray-cleaning solution provided by your orthodontist and gently brush them under warm water before putting them back into your mouth.


Orthodontists strongly recommend avoiding certain foods when you have orthodontic attachments in your mouth. Invisalign has no food restrictions. Due to the nature of removing them when you eat, there is no concern about food getting stuck within them. It’s a good idea to talk to your orthodontist about food so you have more specific information.


Unlike other orthodontist services, Invisalign is extremely comfortable and can be adjusted if needed. The freedom behind having comfortable teeth aligners is something other orthodontic attachments can not contend with. Although it should only be for a short period, being able to talk them out helps a lot with comfort.

According to HowStuffWorks, 45% of people need braces to treat functional dental issues, and even more, need them for hidden problems. When considering braces, stop and reconsider what kind of teeth realignment journey you want to have. Using Invisalign aligners can make your dental issues disappear, and your discomfort non-existent. Get in contact with 303 Smiles today to learn more.